Dehydrated Ginger Products

Mahuva Dehydration Pvt. Ltd offer the ginger products which in use in various food preparation and medicine purpose as well. We provide DEHYDRATED GINGER that is highly pungent and thus render more heat to the body. It is also considered as the herb and is regarded as a stimulant for circulation and digestion. It is believed that Dried Ginger helps to remove the excess mucus from the body. Our Dried Ginger is perfectly washed and is available in irregular-shape.

Our Products

USE: Canned soups, salads, hamburgers, pizzas & other fast food preparations. Can be easily used in salads & other preparations.

Product Size: 10-25 mm

USE: Preparation of pizza, ready to eat foods, pickles, soups, and various food pest preparations. Dry casserole mixes food service.

Product Size: 3-5 mm